5 Minute Demos

A selection of quick videos to experiment with, some simple ideas to try that will be a boost to your creativity using a variety of materials, oil paint, charcoal and acrylic paint

Unlocking Your Creativity

A favourite book of mine from childhood was "The Creative Way To Paint" by David Friend, (no longer in print, but it does turn up on ebay occasionally) it is very informative and full of unique exercises that inspire and teach creativity in a way that will have you hooked, it will give your work an edge and lift the ordinary to something compelling and satisfying, a great way to unlock your hidden talent.

If you try any of these improvisation exercises for yourself, I would be interested to see the results, you can email a photograph ( jpeg file) to (d.tirels@gmail.com) and I will add them to a new gallery on the Your Work page


This is a selection of the demo videos that you can find on my YouTube channel. These include some easy to follow exercises that I hope will provide you with inspiration to try different techniques and experiment with your own artwork.

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 New for July

Iā€™m making a few improvements to the YouTube channel this month and I will be uploading a new demo video every day, I will try to vary the techniques that I show and will include monoprint exercises and drawing demonstrations. If you find the videos useful and they help with your artwork it would be great to see what you are creating, send a photo and add it to the gallery.