Looking for more people to contribute (Last 10 ! )

I f would like to take part in the new project and receive one of the 25 monoprinting kits, please use the contact page to forward details and I will add you to the list. The project is FREE to take part and the kits will be sent out next week. There will be a short instructional demo video to follow which will be uploaded on the YouTube channel and posted here on the website.

New project update

The Britain's Rubbish project is going really well and some of the plastic waste I collected in just 20 minutes a couple of days ago will soon be despatched to all parts of the world including Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and many parts of the UK. Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest in this project.


Monoprinting kits (coming soon)

I often get asked about all the different materials that I use in some of my YouTube demos so I've decided to put together these monoprinting kits with everything you need to begin experimenting with the techniques, they will include oil paint, card/paper, pallet knife, blender tool, transfer sheets, stencil sheets, marker pens, all instructions and a few simple projects to get started. I'm trying to keep the costs low and will include environmentally friendly products such as bamboo cotton buds. Will update with more info. For obvious reasons the only item I will not be including is a sharp craft knife.


New videos for July

I’m going to be uploading a new demo video to the YouTube channel every day this month, lots of new demonstrations and different exercises to try.

Your artwork

Attached your artwork as jpeg files.

Attached your artwork as jpeg files.

I'm trying to make the instructions for sending your own work for the gallery much easier, so instead of having to click on a link all you need to do is send an email to d.tirels@gmail.com and attach your work as a jpeg file. Please send as many as you like and make sure to include your name and country of origin. I look forward to seeing your work and adding it to the gallery. Thanks, Dan

New video

I've just completed this new demo video for the YouTube channel, it has taken a while due to a few technical issues but I hope to continue to create more of these that explore various creative techniques and encourage others to try ideas with their own work. The video is a sketchbook exercise with acrylic and charcoal experimenting with colour and compositions and trying out ideas for some new large scale drawings that I am about to begin working on.

Shipping costs

Update on postal charges

Unfortunately I have had to increase the postal charges for shipping the larger artwork, this is due to a recent update for the service provided by Royal Mail and covers International as well as the UK. I always try to use the best, cost effective and reliable shipping service and this can sometimes prove to be expensive. All work is always very well protected, sent with a full tracking number and is insured to cover the value of the artwork, a signature will be required upon receipt of the delivery. Sorry for these unavoidable additional costs.

Your work

Gallery of your work

After a few technical problems I’m pleased to say the gallery of your work is now back online. I am interested in seeing the work of those who have been inspired by the YouTube demos and would like to show examples on this site for others to see. I am pleased with the response so far and thank all those who have contributed so far. If you would like to send me your own work the easiest way is by email using the link. I look forward to seeing your work and adding it to this gallery.

One month old

As the new website is now a month old I thought it was time for an update, I want to keep the site fresh and constantly changing, I think it's important to evolve and try out new ideas, some fail but others seem to work. I intend to have different work available for sale each month so I will update the shop page next week. These large acrylic drawings will be available.

Acrylic and charcoal on 200gsm paper  25” × 25” from 2016

Acrylic and charcoal on 200gsm paper 25” × 25” from 2016

Back online

The website is now fully online after some pages got deleted by mistake yesterday, I have now updated the site and made a few changes, I have a SALE on at the moment that will end on 26th April. The gallery of work submitted by those inspired by the demo videos has been removed, but will be back soon, please continue to email photographs if you would like your artwork to be shown in this gallery, thanks.

New video

Just finished working on this new demo video, monoprinting onto stretched cotton.

Working on the new artwork titled “Artificial Person” 20” x 20” Oil paint on stretched cotton fabric. This is a limited edition monoprint as shown in the video, 8 versions of this will be made and a few will be available (to order) from the website.