Coast 2019

A series of lost and abandoned artworks placed in the coastal locations that originally inspired their creation, left to be found by chance or to disappear with the changing tides.

Coast No 6 (left 11/03/2019) Fleetwood beach, Lancashire, UK

I like the idea of taking work back to the location that originally inspired it's creation. This is a single monoprint from the original "Coast" series. Inspired by abstract shapes and textures found within the coastal landscape, the work was created using the same process that I have used for other work in this series, but applying this to a large stone collected from the beach, once completed the stone is returned to the location and left to once more become part of the landscape. I have made a few of these returned artworks and it is always interesting to know if any are discovered by a curious beach walker.

FLEET 2017

A global collaborative art project featuring 100 origami boats (made from my own artwork) launched on voyages around the world.


FLEET 2017 Art Project This collaborative art project evolved from an idea in the Summer of 2017 when I became inspired to create this fleet of 100 origami boats formed from an old portfolio of my original artwork. I thought it would be interesting to combine this selection of work and recycle it in someway. I began to take photographs of these boats against the backdrop of the old docks and amongst the shipwrecks of the fishing trawlers on the River Wyre estuary of my hometown of Fleetwood. Eventuality this led me to form the idea to launch these origami boats worldwide and send them on journeys that would inspire others to become involved with this collaborative work. I launched the art project with a few social media posts and began sending the boats to some incredible destinations, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, India, USA and Canada. This gallery includes a selection of the 100’s of photographs submitted to the project from all over the world, contributors were asked to take a photograph of the origami boat in a location that had a special connection to them and email this back to me to become part of the FLEET artwork. As well as a photographic record all the photographs are visible on Google maps. I will update this gallery with all submitted photographs.


YouTube Videos

Selection of videos from my YouTube channel, incuding monoprinting demos and various techniques to try. I add to this regularly and will share new ideas for working with a limited budget or using recycled materials. Please subscribe to the channel to recieve notifications of the most recently uploaded videos.