Coast monoprint series ( No 7 Fleetwood shipwrecks)


Coast No 7 (left 14/03/2019) The Old Wreck

This small monoprint from the "Coast" series was inspired by an old fishing float with rope attached, I like the abstract shapes and random textures found along the shore, I incorporate many of these into the small monoprints, I could not think of a more suitable place to leave this artwork.

Very tricky filming conditions, heavy mud made it difficult to reach the ships, I couldn't record any sound because of building work nearby so all the atmospheric sounds (including the muddy foot steps) are sound effects, which I think work quite well.

This is one of my favourite locations to take photographs, it's very atmospheric and the sight of these old vessels is very thought provoking, it's sad to think these were once the hardworking fishing trawlers that have seen many voyages and sailed through the hardest conditions imaginable, this silent marshland their final resting place. I always think about the people that built them, those who sailed on them and all those anxious families waiting for their safe return.


Filming location at the River Wyre Estuary in Fleetwood, Lancashire