New monoprinting demo video

I'm starting to work on a few of these new demo videos filmed in HD with no edits or music, just a single close up view of a work in progress, shown from start to finish, using low cost or recycled materials.

Although this small monoprint is an abstract composition, I was inspired by the coastal landscape and feel that in some way this has found it's way into my work, I will continue to explore this further using this simple process.

Working with recycled materials (plastic bag and cardboard) I have used oil paint (Prussian Blue, Vandyke Brown) spread thinly onto a transfer sheet made from an old plastic bag and a variety of mark making implements, blunt pencil, biro, Q tips etc to transfer the oil paint onto the work surface (220gsm smooth card) 8" x 6" torn paper (newspaper is OK) is then used to mask areas of the composition and create shapes that form the light areas of the artwork, it is advisable not to apply too much paint and keep these interesting forms that draw the eye into the composition.

It is important to begin this process with a very thin first layer of paint and work towards adding darker tones, remember not to overwork the composition as it is very easy to destroy the quality of the marks. Don't worry to much about the final composition, enjoy making a few interesting marks and texture, practice the technique and good results will follow.